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Roofing, Siding, Gutters in Indianapolis


Indianapolis Roofing Company is the premier roofing and siding contractor in Indianapolis, IN.
Our mission is to serve the community in Indianapolis with purpose-driven work. We strive to improve the structures within the city, provide an exceptional customer experience, and to create a new trend of how roofing contractors should be performing in their respective communities.

We offer an array of comprehensive services to best serve you – we don’t want to reinvent the wheel; and we just want to make the wheel better. We do not want to settle for the bare minimum or for what is “acceptable” – we want to do the best possible job for you and to provide a service that will last you as long as you need it.

Services We Offer:

Roofing Contractor Indianapolis

Finding a roofing contractor in Indianapolis shouldn’t be difficult, but with so many different options to choose from, how in the world would anyone know who to choose? The reason is simple – we offer a simple roofing solution that is easy from start to finish. We care about the people we work with.
We provide top-of-the-line roofing services and our team is certified, licensed, and insured to perform just about every single roofing service you will need in your area.

Gutter Installation

We do Gutter Installation services all across the board to ensure you have the best looking gutters that will last you a lifetime.

Gutter Repair

We can restore, replace, and repair any of those gutters that are killing your home’s look and value. For anything you need, you can count on us to get the job done right!

Indianapolis Roofing

We service the main area of the Metro Indianapolis area – including Avon, Plainfield, Fishers, Greenwood, Indianapolis, Carmel, Zionsville, Noblesville, Castleton, Lawrence, and more!

Roof Installation

Our expert team is ready for any and all aspects of roof installation Рthis includes the prospect of a brand new roof for a newly construct home, or a roof replacement for an existing home that needs to be replaced. Your roof is important for curb appeal to your home if you are looking to sell or just keep your home looking spiffy and shiny on the block. A roof contributes heavily to efficiency in your home and should not be overlooked. Did you know that most roofs are estimated to last anywhere from 15-20 years or even up to 30 years? Depending on the construction, material, maintenance, and style of your roof,  know when it was installed and know when to bring in the experts to come help with this.

We pride ourselves on the matchless quality we bring to a roof when it is install or replace – we spend a healthy amount of time going through options, making sure you are educate on the choices you are making for your home because we want this to last for years to come! We only use the highest quality of materials and naturally we will have our favorite recommendations but know that every option we present to you is to help keep your home safe in all circumstances and to have a quality product that will last as long as possible so your home remains energy efficient, safe, and maintains that lovely curb appeal that will make everyone in your neighborhood want to know what you’ve done with your roof and how to get the same quality out of theirs!

Roof Inspection

Regular Roof Inspections are an important thing to never ever forget as a homeowner. Ever had a super strong storm tear through? Had a crazy winter that had record cold temps and produced an absurd amount of ice and snow? Are you in an area with high winds? These are all major contributing factors that result in roof damage and can harm the structural integrity of one of your home’s most important structural pieces.

Any time one of those events happens, we recommend having the roof inspection on a consistent basis because, you know what they say, a little problem left for a long time is a big problem. Catching the small things while they are still small is very vital and important to know what’s going on with your home and to not have any crazy surprises when you least need it to happen.

Flashing is a common area that gets damage from ice, snow, rain, or wind. Catching the small leaks can be easy to spot as a homeowner by regularly checking the structures merely from a glance. However, when it comes to getting out the ladder and climbing on up on the roof, having a licensed and insure professional is extremely important for safety and also to have the knowledge to spot something that is damaged or needs attention. As a homeowner, you have the ability to check some things from a glance, but we always recommend having a professional perform an inspection when it comes to getting up on the roof!

Siding Repair and Installation 

Not only do we focus on the roofs – it what we do best in the area! We also have a top-of-the-line siding service as well.
Our team is prepare to repair those broken siding panels that have seen storm after storm, year after year.
If your home is a newly construct house, we can help take care of the siding for you or even replace the siding if it is old or you just need the old face lift on your home to give it the new life it deserves. When it comes to siding, having an expert contractor is very, very important. Someone who is expert, thorough, and will not cut corners is vital to keeping your home safe, energy-efficient, and having a product that will last as long as its duration.

Emergency Roof Repair

Ever come home and looked up at the ceiling during a storm, only to notice the big wet stain started to drip? Then it drips heavier, and all of a sudden it’s an in-home waterfall you never expect? We get it – emergencies never happen on our terms and always happen when we least expect it. Even in the most dire of circumstances, give us a call! We can definitely help take care of even the most urgent emergencies to keep your home safe and bring some sanity to the household in a pinch.


Give us a call today and we are here to serve all of your needs!

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