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Regular Roof Inspections are an important thing to never ever forget as a homeowner. Ever had a super strong storm tear through? Had a crazy winter that had record cold temps and produced an absurd amount of ice and snow? Are you in an area with high winds? These are all major contributing factors that result in roof damage and can harm the structural integrity of one of your home’s most important structural pieces.

Any time one of those events happens, we recommend having a roof inspections on a consistent basis because, you know what they say, a little problem left for a long time is a big problem. Catching the small things while they are still small is very vital and important to know what’s going on with your home and to not have any crazy surprises when you least need it to happen.

Flashing is a common area that gets damaged from ice, snow, rain, or wind. Catching the small leaks can be easy to spot as a homeowner by regularly checking the structures merely from a glance. However, when it comes to getting out the ladder and climbing on up on the roof, having a licensed and insure professional is extremely important for safety and also to have the knowledge to spot something that is damaged or needs attention. As a homeowner, you have the ability to check some things from a glance, but we always recommend having a professional perform an inspection when it comes to getting up on the roof!


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